Czech Republic - Greece - Italy - Lithuania - Portugal - Spain

Virtual meeting in Lithuania 2021

From december 13 to 17, 13-year-old students and several teachers have celebrated the virtual meeting in Lithuania. We have learned very interesting things about culture, tourism, economy and language in Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Lithuania and Portugal. Our students´presentations have been great. Good job!

Erasmus days 2021 in La Albericia

After suffering several delays, today we were finally able to celebrate the Erasmus day. We visited the bay, the Maritime Museum and the Tourism School of Santander. Everything by the sea!

Student interviews. Virtual meeting in Amora - Portugal

On september 23 and 24, our school celebrates the day of the languages. Each student has selected a european country and prepared a poster, including typical words and expresions and beautiful places to visit. Here we have some pictures of the activities. Enjoy them!

On june 16, we have celebrated the Erasmus Gala 20-21. Students and teachers have received certificates of attendance of the virtual meeting in Portugal and gifts provided by the European office of Cantabria. We have also enjoyed the visit of Ana (Serbia) and Anna (Poland), fellows from the European Solidarity Corps, who have shared their experiences with us.